In recent years, auditing has become an important tool to ensure the transparency and honesty of businesses. However, recently, many businesses have been attacked and presented with inaccurate financial reports after being audited. This issue has attracted the attention of both the public and professionals alike.

Some reasons for this problem include pressure from shareholders to increase profits, the irresponsibility of auditing staff, and pressure from the government and regulations related to financial management.

To solve this problem, auditors are seeking new solutions to ensure the transparency and honesty of financial reports. Some proposed solutions include strengthening internal audits and evaluations, enhancing the capacity and quality of auditing staff, and promoting the strengthening of regulations and legal policies related to financial management.

However, finding solutions may take time and require cooperation from relevant parties, including businesses, governments, regulatory agencies, and auditing professionals. If not addressed in a timely manner, this issue could have serious consequences for investor confidence and impact the development of the economy.


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