Taxation is a fundamental factor in the functioning of countries. For businesses operating in Vietnam, tax is a sensitive issue that business owners need to pay special attention to. Therefore, businesses need to find themselves a professional partner to be able to support their businesses to develop without worrying about tax issues.

In order to help businesses operate smoothly in Vietnam without any problems, PHAM CONSULT would like to provide tax consulting services (package) in the most professional way. Tax service is a type of service that helps clients handle tax-related issues, such as: tax policy, tax reporting, tax finalization and other tax-related legal services.

Who should use tax consulting services?

Tax services are probably no stranger to most people, especially for businesses. Tax consulting services are extremely suitable for all types of businesses, from private enterprises, startups ,… Without much knowledge and experience in the tax field, it is necessary to have an in-depth partner in the tax field to be able to effectively support behind.

Why is it necessary to use tax services?

Nowadays, the business market in Vietnam is constantly evolving and transforming every day to match our internationalization goals. Because of the frequent changes and tax policies that are always updated, it has become a big challenge for businesses in the Vietnamese market when:

  • Businesses have not established an effective tax compliance system
  • Slow progress in updating changes in legal regulations as well as the business market
  • Incurring unnecessary expenses because of failure to comply with the tax process
  • Because of ignorance of legal regulations, it leads to violations of tax laws

Tax consulting services are the most comprehensive solution for businesses, you will not need to worry about legal compliance or headaches to solve tax problems. We will be the one to update the new regulations, perform checks, report and address risks for you.

The role of tax advisory services

Tax consulting services play a very important role, it is one of the most commonly used services today. Tax consulting services support businesses to solve tax-related issues and help keep up to date with the latest tax policies of the State. It is undeniable that tax services help individuals, organizations and businesses to operate optimally and minimize risks of tax-related issues.

Tax consulting service package at PHAM CONSULT

We are proud to be a leading company providing tax consulting services (packages):

  • Tax declaration, reporting, finalization, payment of taxes to enterprises
    • Prepare monthly and quarterly tax reports
    • Preparation of corporate income tax reports
    • Preparation of personal income tax reports
    • Preparation of finalization reports on other taxes
    • Preparation of financial statements of the enterprise
  • Perform accounting operations
    • Check and arrange accounting documents
    • Accounting and bookkeeping of documents
    • Quantification of arising accounting operations
  • Tax consulting and explanation
    • Consulting on labor insurance, social insurance, health insurance
    • Accounting, tax, invoice and document consulting for businesses
    • Explanation to tax authorities

Content of tax consulting services package at PHAM CONSULT

Our all-inclusive tax advisory service is a professional package that provides all the diverse tax advisory services in a single package. This will save you your time and money instead of having to pay for each service individually. We provide advisory services with key taxes including:

1.License tax

License tax is a direct tax that business organizations and individuals must pay annually to the direct tax administration.

Pham CONSULT provides professional services:

  • Consulting services and updating the latest legal regulations on license tax
  • License tax declaration and payment service
  • Services to solve license tax issues
  • Consulting and support services for license fee waiver

2.Value Added Tax

Value added tax (VAT) is a tax calculated on the added value of goods and services arising in the process of production and circulation to the consumer market.

Pham CONSULT provides professional services:

  • Value added tax declaration service quarterly / monthly
    • Declare invoices for downward adjustment
    • Declare non-taxable invoices, 0% tax
    • Declare donation invoices
    • Declare returned sales invoices
    • Additional declaration of value-added tax adjustment
  • Declaration services, trade discounts, discounts on goods

3.Personal income tax

Personal Income Tax is a compulsory state budget payment for individuals when having taxable income in accordance with the Law on Personal Income Tax.

Pham CONSULT provides professional services:

  • Support services for consulting and finalizing personal income tax for Vietnamese citizens and foreigners
  • Instructions for registering for an individual tax ID online
  • Personal income tax declaration service
  • Family deduction dependent registration support services

4.Corporate income tax

Corporate income tax is a direct tax levied on income based on the results of production and business activities of an enterprise.

Pham CONSULT provides professional services:

  • Consulting services and corporate income tax declaration and finalization:
    • Corporate income tax
    • Corporate income tax rate
    • Incomes exempt from corporate income tax
  • Consulting and support services to buy health – life insurance for employees
  • Other consulting services:
    • Advertising costs
    • Uncontrolled expenses
    • Expenses for vacation, holidays, birthdays,…
    • Interest expense

5.Contractor tax

Contractor tax is a tax applied to foreign organizations and individuals that generate income from the provision of services or services associated with goods in Vietnam.

Pham CONSULT provides professional services:

  • Consulting and contractor tax declaration services
    • Foreign contractor tax declaration
    • Calculate tax on foreign software purchase contractors

6.Tax issues

Pham CONSULT provides professional services:

  • Advising and assisting in solving tax issues:
    • Late submission of financial statements / falsification of financial statements
    • Violation of accounting documents regulations
    • Loss of value-added invoice
    • Violation of late tax payment
    • Violation of late submission of tax returns
    • Violation of accounting regulations
    • Administrative and accounting violations
    • The invoice has not been issued in use

7.Tax accounting

Pham CONSULT provides professional services:

  • Initial tax procedure settlement services for newly established businesses
    • Declare and calculate value-added tax monthly/quarterly
    • Buy electronic digital signatures for the purpose of declaring and paying taxes of all kinds
    • Declare and pay license fee
    • Open and register a bank account with the Tax Office
  • Declaration – making monthly / quarterly tax reports, quarterly corporate income tax provisional reports
    • Check and supervise all invoices of input and output documents arising in the month – quarter
    • Monitor and advise on the validity of invoices and documents arising in that period
    • Declare and submit reports on value-added tax, corporate income tax (provisional), personal income tax. Pay the corresponding tax amount if any arises in the tax declaration period.
    • Consulting solutions for businesses
  • Year-end financial reporting services for businesses
  • Check and complete accounting books
    • Check and review documents – invoices – tax reports – financial reports – accounting books arising in the period requested by the enterprise
    • Find and report violations in the books
    • Overcoming and completing documents – books – reports

8.Tax on individuals, individual business households

Pham CONSULT provides professional services:

  • Consulting, declaring and finalizing taxes:
    • Tax to be paid when renting a house
    • Business license tax
    • Enterprises pay tax on behalf of business individuals
    • Securities tax for business households and individuals
    • Business household tax according to declaration method

With our all-inclusive tax advisory service, rest assured that your tax needs and issues will be resolved.

Why should you choose to use tax consulting services (package) of PHAM CONSULT?

Established in 2011, with 13 years of experience in the profession and serving hundreds of customers, we have provided the most professional services to individuals, organizations, domestic and foreign enterprises. With what we have achieved now, you should choose us because:

  • The cost of tax consulting services in accordance with the enterprise market;
  • Save time handling tax issues;
  • Minimizing unnecessary tax risks;
  • Continuously update on innovations in tax and accounting laws;
  • Professional and experienced staff;
  • Always ready to support customers to the maximum.

Above is the content of tax consulting services (package) that PHAM CONSULT has been providing to many of its customers.

If you have any legal questions that need to be answered, do not hesitate to contact PHAM CONSULT immediately at hotline +84932 103 118 to receive advice from specialists.