Outsourced bookkeeping

Outsourced bookkeeping is a professional accountancy service of Pham Consult.

When experiencing Outsourced bookkeeping services of Pham Consult, your enterprise will feel secure because we are your company’s professional accountant. Outsourcing bookkeeping will perform all the work of accountant for your company, such as accounting, tax declaration, tax finalization reports, do bookkeeping, set up financial statements in accordance with regulations.

Outsourced bookkeeping

Are you facing issues in seeking the trusted outsourcing bookkeeping as below?

  1. Privacy: All of financial data need to be kept confidential?
  2. It is too costly and time consuming if hiring in-house accounting department?
  3. Tax liability need be minimized while still complying with local regulation?
  4. Your company is a start-up enterprise, so you want to seek the reliable and effective consultant service on the market?
  5. How to set up an accounting system properly with cost saving solution?
  6. No need invest in a complex accounting system while expecting reports for business management purpose?
  7. How to avoid material errors in your company’s financial reports before submission to BOD, shareholders or local Tax Department?

Why do you choose Pham Consult?

  1. Approach the professional team of Pham Consult who possess extensive experience in accounting and auditing
  2. Our experiences working with local Tax Department and Authorities
  3. Practical solutions with cost effective manner for long-term cooperation
  4. All information related to your company’s bookkeeping is kept confidential.

Pham Consult offers outsourced bookkeeping as below:

  1. Tax Procedures services:
    • Preparation of tax reports and submit to the tax authorities as stipulated monthly (VAT, PIT, CIT)
    • Preparation of financial reports quarterly and annually in accordance with regulations.
    • Reporting finalization of annual corporate income tax
    • Working and explanation directly with the tax authorities on behalf of your company in the scope of the completed work
  2. Tax Consulting:
    • Be willing to consult accounting, taxation (VAT, PIT, CIT) and invoices, vouchers for your company in the content and scope of work performed.
  3. Delivering reports:
    • Receiving vouchers from your business
    • Submitting reports to the tax authorities