It can be said that with global development, citizens of one country moving to another country is no longer a difficult problem. However, this move requires legal documents to be allowed to set foot in that country, which is commonly called a visa. Thus, Visa (also known as “visa” or “entry visa”) is a certificate issued by the Government of a country to foreigners, allowing foreigners to enter the country for a certain period of time. . As one of the countries attracting the most foreign investment in Asia, Vietnam has a huge need for entry visas. Is applying for a Vietnam visa really easy? What is the Vietnam visa application service like – cost and visa application processing time? Let’s research 3 basic questions about Vietnam Visa Services with Pham Consult:

1. What is Visa? What is a visa? What is an E-visa?
Entry visa (also known as entry visa) is a document issued by a competent Vietnamese agency, allowing foreigners to enter Vietnam for the purpose of tourism, investment, or visiting relatives. …
Currently, according to the law, in addition to direct visa issuance at the competent authority, entry visas are also issued online, also known as electronic visa registration (E-visa). ) at the Vietnam Immigration Electronic Information Portal.

2. Types of visas to enter Vietnam for foreigners
According to the Vietnam Immigration Law, there are 21 types of entry visas, typically: NG1, NG2, LV1, LV2, ĐT, LS, DN, NN…
There are many ways to classify visas, but if classified by purpose of entry, they include the following types:
• Tourist visa (DL);
• Student visa (DH);
• Electronic visa (EV);
• Visit visa (VR, TT);
• Diplomatic visa (NG1, NG2, NG3);
• Investment visa (DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4);
• Work and business visas (LD1, LĐ2, DN…).

3. Conditions to be granted a Vietnam visa:
According to Article 10 of the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam (“EETR Law”), foreigners need to meet the following conditions to be granted a visa:
• Provide a valid passport or international travel document;
• Prove that the agency, organization or individual in Vietnam has invited you in writing;
• Not subject to entry ban according to Article 21 of the EETR Law;
• Provide documents proving the purpose of entry (applicable to foreign investors, lawyers practicing in Vietnam, foreign workers).

4. Visa application process for foreigners in Vietnam:
Step 1: Provide documents proving the legal status of the inviting business at the Vietnam Immigration Department (“VID”)
Step 2: Fill in the required information in the online application, print the application with barcode, sign and stamp the company seal and submit to the Vietnam Immigration Department.
Step 3: Receive the official entry letter at the Vietnam Immigration Department.
Step 4: Send a scanned copy of the immigration document to the foreigner to apply for a visa at the Vietnam Consulate.
Foreigners can apply for a visa at the international border gate if they fall into the cases mentioned in Article 18 of the EETR Law.

5. Visa application documents for foreigners in Vietnam:
Depending on the purpose of a foreigner applying for a visa to Vietnam, visa application documents will be regulated differently. However, the application will basically include the following documents:
Detailed components of the entry visa application for foreigners include:
• Vietnam visa application form – form NA1;
• Official letter requesting entry for foreigners;
• Passport (valid for at least 6 months) or valid international travel document;
• Documents proving the purpose of entry of foreigners according to regulations (documents proving investment, work permit…).

6. Visa fees for foreigners in Vietnam:
Pursuant to Circular No. 62/2023/TT-BTC amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular 25/2021/TT-BTC (effective from October 3, 2023), visa issuance fees for Foreign countries are regulated as follows:
No. Type of visa/visa Fees payable
1 Visa is valid for 1 visit of 25 USD/piece
2 Visa valid multiple times, valid for no more than 90 days, 50 USD/piece
3 Visa valid multiple times, valid over 90 – 180 days, 95 USD/piece
4 Visa valid multiple times, valid for over 180 days – 1 year 135 USD/piece
5 Visa valid multiple times, valid for more than 1 – 2 years, 145 USD/piece
6 Visa valid multiple times, valid for more than 2 – 5 years, 155 USD/piece

7. Pham Consult’s visa consulting service for foreigners in Vietnam
With extensive experience in applying for Visas as well as other personal identification documents for foreigners, Pham Consult will provide Visa card issuance and reissuance services at the most reasonable cost, helping you receive the card. stay in the most convenient way:
Consulting on visa conditions and procedures;
Consulting and preparing Visa applications;
On behalf of customers, submit and receive results at state agencies;
Support customers in contacting translation and document notarization agencies;
Consulting and explaining to the Immigration Department when problems arise.Please contact us at the following mailing address if you have any questions regarding your Visa. Pham Consult always wants and commits to providing customers with the best advice and support at the most reasonable cost.


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