Tax services

Tax Services


Tax services are applied to all companies in Vietnam, with tax implications and required to submit to taxing authoriries. Due to constant legislation changes, tax is one of the most challenging matters a foreign company faces when doing business in Vietnam

By choosing a professional consultancy such as PHAM CONSULT will help you prepare all kind of reports complied with local tax regulation. Or even we could advise you the way to deal with tax officer to handle the matters, prepare tax filling to avoid potential risks before tax inspection, and etc issues relating to taxing.

Pham Consult & Associates is leading provider of tax services in accounting firms. Our servicces include:

  • Assessment of tax compliance obligations
  • Tax registration for enterprize
  • Tax code registration for individual
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual declaration
  • Tax risks management
  • Tax consulting services (full package)
  • Support tax finalization
  • Tax incentive advisory
  • Construction, tax planning
  • Review tax returns prepared by the enterprises/individual
  • Prepare tax returns for individuals, including external declarants
  • Work with tax authorities on behalf of the enterprises
  • Documentation and request for tax refund
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Advise the enterprises about the tax implications on contingent contracts or financial decisions
  • Advise on tax implications for accounting treatments