Being one of the countries attracting the most investment in Asia, Vietnam has seen the large demand for visa entry.  Is it really easy to apply for a Vietnamese visa? How about Vietnamese Visa Service – cost and time of process to complete the visa application? Let Pham Consult study three basic questions about Vietnamese Visa Service:

  1. Conditions to be granted Vietnamese Visa:

Under Article 10 of the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam (“EETR Law”), foreigners should meet the following conditions in order to be granted a visa:

  • Provide your passport or valid international travel documentation;
  • Prove to be invited by an agency, organization, or individuals in Vietnam in written documentation;
  • No subject to be prohibited entry under Article 21 of EETR Law;
  • Provide the proven documentation for your entry purpose (applicable for foreign investors, practicing lawyers in Vietnam, foreign laborers).
  1. Process of self-application for visa:

Step 1. Providing the proven documentation to legally enterprise qualification at The Vietnamese Immigration Department (“the VID”)

Step 2. Filling the required information in the online application, print application form with bar code, sign and company stamp and then submit it to the Vietnamese Immigration Department.

Step 3. Receive the official letter of entry at the Vietnamese Immigration Department.

Step 4. Send the scanned file of the official letter of entry to foreigners to get visa at Consulate of Vietnam.

Foreigners may obtain their visas at an international border gate if belonging to the stated circumstances at Article 18 of EETR Law.

  1. Cost and time of completion:

Presently, fee of visa application oscillates from $25 to $155 depending on types of visa and terms of visa raised by EETR Laws on each time of application. The time of completion from application date is five to seven working days; however, it is not easy for the process of applying for visa smoothly with some objective factors such as: filling in form, language barrier, the interrupted communication with native competent authorities… which may result in the rejected visa application or later than your expectation and significant effect on other issues such as your planned business trip, flights, works, contracting and so on.

  1. Visa Services of Pham Consult

Being one of enterprises which has gained the rich experience in applying for visa and other personal papers for expatriates such as work permit (WP), temporary resident card and so on, Pham Consult truly believed that our team may handle all of case related to visa application, for example, visa application with the maximum validity and the competitive-price on the current market in Vietnam, urgent visa (within 2 days from the date of requesting new visa), or providing no proven documentation enough for your entry purpose, and other complicated cases.

Through our remarkable efforts, we affirmed that our service can make most of clients satisfy. Pham Consult always undertake that will assist and create the best conditions of entry and perform the operation in Vietnam. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get more details and our intensive consultancy.