Changing Registration Business procedure Under The Latest Regulations

Changing Registration Business is an administrative procedure that needs to be carried out at the Business Registration Authority when an enterprise have the demand to change the contents of the business registration certificate such as:

  • Company name;
  • Company headquarter address;
  • The type of business of the company;
  • The owner/ Member Councils;
  • Legal representative;
  • Business lines;
  • Increase capital, decrease capital;

According to Law on Enterprise 2020, the enterprise must to notify a change to enterprise registration information within 10 days from its occurrence. If not, the enterprise may be administratively sanctioned in accordance with provision of law.

Change business register information


1. Procedure for changing business registration procedure:

  • Step 1: Prepare the dossiers for changing business registration procedure;
  • Step 2: Submit the dossier for changing business registration information at the Department of Planning and Investment;
  • Step 3: Follow up and get the result (amended Enterprise Registration Certificate)


2. The dossier that needs to be prepared includes:

  • Notification for changing the business registration;
  • The resolution or decision of the owner of the single-member limited liability company, or the resolution or decision and the copy of the minutes of meeting of the Board of Members of the multi-member limited liability company or partnership, or the resolution, decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders of the joint-stock company;
  • Based on the type of business, type of changing registration business, the enterprise have to prepare corresponding dossiers which are specified from Article 47 to Arrticle 63 Law on Enterprise 2020.

When the enterprise changing the business registration on Enterprise Registration Certificate, the enterprise should also consider adjusting corresponding contents on Investment Registration Certificate in case if it is a foreign direct investment company.


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