Temporary resident card is a document issued by an immigration authority or a competent authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a foreigner who is permitted to reside in Vietnam for a certain period of time. This card has the same validity as a visa.

  1. Cases of applying for a Temporary resident card:
    In accordance with Article 36, Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Resident of Foreigners in Vietnam (“EETR Law”), foreigners who are granted visas are considered to be granted temporary resident cards with corresponding symbols of visa symbols, as follows:
  • Foreign investors in Vietnam and foreign lawyers practicing in Vietnam (DT)
  • Managers of representative offices or projects of international organizations and foreign non-governmental organizations in Vietnam; people who come to work with foreign non-governmental organizations, representative offices, branches of foreign traders, representative offices of other foreign economic, cultural, professional organizations in Vietnam (NN1, NN2);
  • Journalists who have permanent residences in Vietnam (PV1);
  • People who come to study or serve internship (DH);
  • People who come to work (LD);
  • Foreigners that are parents, spouse, children under 18 years of age of the foreigners or foreigners that are parents, spouse, children of Vietnamese citizens (TT);
  • And some other cases.

    2. Duration of Temporary resident card:
    Article 38, Section1, Chapter 6, EETR Law stipulates the duration of temporary resident card as follows:

  • The duration of a temporary resident card is at least 30 days shorter than the remaining duration of the passport.
  • The duration of a DT or DH temporary resident card shall not exceed 05 years;
  • The duration of a NN1, NN2, TT temporary resident card shall not exceed 03 years;
  • The duration of a LD or PV1 temporary resident card shall not exceed 02 years;
  • Expired temporary resident cards may be extended.
    3. Procedures of Temporary resident card
    In accordance with Article 37, Section1, Chapter 6, EETR Law
  • An application for the temporary resident card consists of::
  • A written request from the inviting entity;
  • A declaration bearing a picture;
  • The valid passport;
  • Documents proving the specified cases above-mentioned: Certificate of operation registration, stamp certificate of the enterprise/organization guaranteeing; Papers proving the personal relationship with the guarantor; Work permit, a work permit or a certificate of exemption from a work permit…
  • Place of submission: an immigration authority or a competent authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (depending on each case of registration of temporary resident card)3. Temporary resident card services of Pham Consult
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