On March 10, 2022, the Ministry of Finance issued Document No. 10039/BTC-TTr guiding and orienting to develop the financial inspection and examination plan in 2023. Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance requires the Heads of units with specialized inspection functions under the Ministry of Finance, in formulating plans for financial inspection and examination, must be focused, focused, properly oriented, directed, not scattered; Organize reasonable and effective inspection teams. According to this official letter, enterprises in industries and fields with large revenue potential or high risk of being focused on tax inspection include: Value added tax, businesses with large revenue, internal tax industry.



1. Value Added Tax

Facing the General Department of Taxation, the Ministry of Finance requested to strengthen the strict management of the value-added tax refund, so as not to allow the main profiteering situation to cause loss of money of the State budget. The General Department of Taxation needs to inspect VAT refunds for large tax refunded businesses and businesses that show signs of using illegal invoices. Using the application of information technology, artificial intelligence (AI) to compare, check and manage the use of invoices… Tax inspection and examination, handling tax debt, ensuring correct and sufficient collection , expiring taxes, fees, charges and other revenues to the State bank.


3. Businesses with large revenue

Focus on inspecting and examining enterprises in industries and fields with large revenue potential or high risks such as:

– Oil and Gas; Petroleum;

– Electricity; information;

– Bank; insurance; stock; financial leasing;

– Medicine;

– Real estate; Infrastructure; industrial area; Lottery company; port service business; build; production and trading of construction materials; enterprises exploiting and trading sand, next to river beds; gold mining;

– Producing and trading in consumer goods; retail business;

– Producing and trading in fertilizers;

– Producing and trading in plastic products;

– Agriculture, forestry and fishery;

   – Media advertisement; ecommerce;

– Domestic production and assembly of automobiles and motorbikes;

– Corporations, corporations and companies that generate large tax revenues;

– Large-scale enterprises have not had tax inspection and examination for many years;

– Enterprises with capital transfer, branding, project transformation, separation, consolidation;

– Enterprises that have associated transactions, transfer pricing, and incorrect business results for many years.

– Businesses with high invoice risk; enterprises with tax refund risks and enterprises with risk information transferred from the Customs;

– Enterprises are entitled to free incentives and tax reductions under the Tax Law and Agreements.


2. Internal tax industry

The internal inspection of the tax industry will focus on checking the compliance with the provisions of the law on tax inspection and examination by tax authorities; inspect the compliance with the provisions of the law on value-added tax refund; inspect debt management and tax exemption; Check the work of issuing, selling, using invoices. Examining the integrity of tax officials in the fight against tax loss for real estate conversion activities; the management and use of assets and funds; the implementation of the Law on thrift practice and anti-waste 2013; Law on Anti-Corruption 2018; The inspection of the declaration of assets, income and settlement of complaints and denunciations.


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