Accounting Services

In a diverse and complex economic environment, many organizations and enterprises are having issues in completing financial statements and performing accounting. Enterprises often face difficulties or confusion while applying accounting standards to reporting practices on their own, leading to time consuming and waste of resources. By choosing a professional consultancy such as PHAM CONSULT will help enterprises to save time, resources and ensure all the reports are in accordance with Vietnamese Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.

accounting services

PHAM CONSULT offers services such as:

  • Consolidate and make Financial Statements or Management Reports
  • Review Financial Statements
  • Design, implement and support in operating accounting systems, internal control system
  • Consult in re-setting up of the accounting-financial system to suit the business type of the enterprises
  • Setup and guide the enterprises on making and circulating vouchers, creating and logging account books, gathering costs and calculating product prices, revising, adjusting numbers and closing account books, issue accounting reports in compliance with regulations
  • Registration of accounting system; consult in setting up accounting system in accordance with customer’ activities and requirements
  • Examine the legitimacy and rationality of vouchers and make entries in the account books
  • Consult on cost accounting system
  • Provide bookkeeping services
  • Handling all the issues related to accounting data on behalf of the enterprises
  • Supply accounting staff and chief accountant
  • Provide accounting training services at the enterprises (including financial accounting and management accounting)

We could be reached at or call  84-28 3930 2487 (HCMC Office) and 84-24 3248 4862 (Ha Noi Office)