Accounting and finance

Managing Accounts & Finance function across properties is becoming a daunting task for most of companies.
Accounting and financial services includes various types of services used in business to comply with federal, state and local regulations. Services also involve consultation and planning to improve business performance and other necessary business needs.

Pham Consult will save you time and money by adding skilled resources to your staff when you need them to support additional workload due to an unexpected quit, month/year-end closings, internal audit requirements or any other reason.

With Pham Consult & Associates, you can be confident you will receive excellent service from a talented and skilled professional who has the qualifications and experience you need. Pham Consult places Finance and Accounting professionals with the following skill sets:

  1. Bookkeeping services
  2. Outsourcing services
  3. Payroll services
  4. Tax services
  5. Financial analys
  6. Transfer pricing

Let us put our network and our experience to work for you.